1. “What the hell is this?”: This is a blog. Pretty retro, huh?
  2. “Who the hell are you?”: A former academic turned freelance writer and graphic artist, because I heard that’s where the good money is at.
  3. “Do you take constructive criticism?”: Yeah. …I mean, not well. I cry easily. But sure. My email is in the About page. Construct away.
  4. “Why are there no comments sections, then?” Lack of time and resources, mostly. If and when the readership reaches a certain level, and there’s an interest in having discussion threads, I’ll dig up some moderators and open up comments to the community.
  5. “What if I just want to discuss something with you?” Email me, and I’ll either respond to you directly, or (if it fits) I’ll post it as a reply to Reader Mail (anonymously) on the main page.