This is a blog about nonsense. “Isn’t the true of most blogs?” you wonder.

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You cheeky bastard

Well, yes. But in this case, it happens to be literally so. This is a blog about nonsense, itself—the nature of the thing. It is written from the perspective of a recovering academic, with a broad background in social science and intellectual history. While hopefully more enjoyable to read than the typical scholarly fair, the titular purpose of exercise (i.e., “morology,” as a study/science of nonsense) is nevertheless sincere. I believe that nonsense can and should be studied with philosophical seriousness, and that it is a potentially rich subject matter for empirical research.

“Yeah,” you think. “I enjoy smoking pot too.”

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That fine line between cheeky and dickish.

 Of course, it’s possible that this might add up to nothing more than “morology” of the other kind. In which case, I suppose I would be guilty of having said something stupid on the internet. (Anonymously!)

Casting caution to the wind, let me offer a couple notes on how I intend to proceed, the planned organization of the site, and assorted housekeeping.

First off, I don’t see this unfolding in anything approaching a linear process. It’s a blog, not a dissertation. There’s gonna be some stuff that won’t be on the test.


Pack some Dramamine, maybe.

The main page of the site is probably best read as a doodle pad—a more or less random assortment of stray thoughts and standalone observations, posted in no particular order. Whatever seems keep-worthy will be categorized and archived according to their topic or theme. That material will eventually be distilled into some longer-form pieces, which will be published as separate pages. Those pages will appear and be listed in roughly the order they are meant to be read (starting with this “About” page).

More will be added here as the site evolves. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at themorologist@gmail.com.